About us

Enjoying a relaxing foot massage is a wonderful experience. Accepted in by many for the many health benefits, foot reflexology massage has become a routine for personal health maintenance. Though beneficial to your health, JK Foot reflexology does not offer medical advice, so please consult your doctor to see if foot massage is right for you.

With our new outlet in Chinatown, JK Foot Reflexology, provides you with the new and clean environment to relax, rest and massage amongst the hot buzzling Chinatown and at affordable prices.

What customer say?

A good resting stop after exploring the Chinatown.
The purple shop layout really stands out.
Got a sweet deal for foot massage here for just $25 than when I was in Taiwan for 500TWD (S$22).
Recommended for those looking for a clean environment, quality massage and comfy sofa chair.
Definitely value for money.


Excellent service and friend people. Comfortable and clean. Prices affordable. Good place to relax. Worth a try.

Johnny Ong

Manage to get a booking of three together with my friends..
Massage was fantastic , special thanks to Mong who help with my sore feet after a long walk.
Will definitely recommend if u are at china town.

Elijah Lee